K    O    L    A    B    O    R    A    R    T

h e l p i n g   c h a r i t i e s   b y   h e l p i n g   a r t i s t s

Giclee or Fine Art prints?





The “Best by the Best 202”1 is a joint initiative of the ATP Services and Kolaborart.org. The ATP Services is the branch of the ATP dedicated to charity supporting charitable initiatives of professional tennis players, Kolaborart is a company dedicated to helping non-profit organizations while helping visual artists from all corners of the world. Together they have decided to strengthen support for those charitable institutions dedicated to ...

The “Best by the Best 2021” is a series of artworks in which the top ten tennis players in the world are represented by artists from their own countries. In addition to being wonderful works of art, “The Best by the Best 2021” discovers the relationship that can exist between two people from the same country who achieved world recognition following externally different passions, but perhaps internally more similar than we can imagine.

By buying a Limited Edition Giclee of “The Best by the Best 2021”, we are not only acquiring an exceptional work of art, but we are also becoming part of that history of passions that has led two prominent figures from the same country to meet again supporting objectives that help to create a better world ..

To clarify, both terms refer to the exact same process. Archival pigment printing.

Giclee prints are everywhere, from your local gallery to the world's top museums. But there are still people wondering: Should I buy a Giclee print? "Here are 3 reasons why Giclee prints are not only worth your money, but they also deserve your respect.

1. They are accepted and endorsed by experts in fine arts and collected and exhibited in important museums around the world, such as: Metropolitan Museum of New York, Museum of Modern Art of New York, Guggenheim, Museum of Art of Philadelphia, Museum of San Francisco Art, Los Angeles Museum of Art, High Museum, Atlanta, Corcoran Museum, Washington DC, The Louvre, The British Museum, National Museum of Mexico, and many more.

2. They are revalued. Due to their high quality and relative rarity, a limited edition Giclee is valuable from initial printing, plus they become more valuable over time as the artist gains more and more recognition and the edition runs out. In fact, in recent auctions, Fine Art Prints have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3. These are images of the highest quality. Giclee printing medium has been a revolution in fine art printing, recognized as the most accurate printing technique, Fine Art Prints are 98% true to the original. In fact, without close inspection, some Giclees are difficult to distinguish from the original work.

The professional 8 to 12 color inkjet printers used in the process produce a high-resolution image of 1400 to 1800 dpi (dots per inch). And by not using screens, they get a continuous color. This means that there are no visible points as with lithographs. . Kolaborart Fine Art Prints are made with the finest pigments and are printed by skilled Giclee masters on acid-free substrates such as canvases and specially manufactured papers. Well maintained, its durability is guaranteed for more than 200 years.


It is no wonder that Giclees are rapidly gaining popularity over other fine art print media. So, should you buy a Giclee print? If you want to have an Archival print that is valuable and respected by fine art experts, the answer is simple: of course.