The mere fact of registering implies that the Artist accepts all the terms, conditions, and stipulations set forth herein.


1. 1.Requirements: The artist must be 18 years or older. Support: canvas, paper, wood, metal, etc. Dimensions: minimum 40 x 30 cm. maximum 150 x 150 cm. Technique: oil, watercolor, acrylic, pencil, collage, ink, digital art, mixed media, etc. Only 2-D artworks will be accepted.


2.Registration: Registration is free for the first 50 artists and then its cost will be U$D 25, which includes a maximum of three artworks. Registration closes on December 17th at midnight.


3.The Artist consents for Kolaborart and the Fangio Museum to use his name, artist statement, and images of his art for promotional purposes in the advertising and publicity campaign “70 YEARS FROM THE FIRST  F1 CHAMPIONSHIP”, including but not limited to printing, video, photography, internet, web sites, social media, etc.


4.The artwork must be original, unsold, not having been presented in exhibitions or reproduced and created after 2010. The Artist must be the sole copyright owner. The Artist authorizes Kolaborart to exhibit and sell the artwork under the conditions agreed in sections 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 16 and 17.


5.The artist agrees to provide professional images of the artwork in digital format within seven days after being selected. The images should have a resolution of 300 PPI, in order to obtain an optimal print quality in all sizes of the Limited Editions.


6. Copyright, the Artist agrees to transfer the copyright of the selected artwork in favor of  Fangio Museum Foundation and Kolaborart Inc.  for the reproduction and sale as Fine Art Prints in Limited Editions numbered and signed.


7.In compensation for the copyrights the Artist will receive 15% of the Limited Editions gross selling price and he will be allowed to commercialize, on his own the 10% of the Limited Edition produced by Kolaborart under the following conditions: A) the prints must be ordered to Kolaborart B) the Artist must pay for the printing costs. C) the cost of the prints will be 40% of the sale price established by Kolaborart for the Limited Editions regardless of the price at what the Artist wishes to sell it.


8.The Limited Editions of the selected artwork will be printed on canvas and/or paper in different sizes, quantities and prices up to a total of 3,500 reproductions. Sizes and editions will be determinate accorded to the artwork original size. For guidance purposes, a table of measurements, prices, supports and quantities is attached.


9.Each reproduction sold must be signed and numbered by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity also signed and numbered, thus guaranteeing the authenticity of the reproduction. In case of not being able to physically sign the reproductions, the Artist authorizes Kolaborart to use his digital signature. The Artist will be notified of each sale made and the pertinent information will be sent to him.


10.Kolaborart and the Artist agree that the work reproduced in Limited Editions will not be reproduced again.


11.The gross income from sales will be distributed between the parties as follows: Expenses 35%, Fangio Museum 40%, Artist 15%, Kolaborart 10%.


12.Original artworks selling price will be established by Kolaborart in consultation with the Artist. Factors influencing the selling price include history of prior sales, market demand, and curator’s knowledge. This price will be used as base for the Auction.


13.Kolaborart will exert all reasonable efforts to close sales of artworks. Artist agrees to provide Kolaborart upon request, with any necessary documents or information in support of sales in a timely fashion.

14.The selected works of art will be exhibited in the Kolaborart 3D Online Gallery from January 1st. 2022, until the end of the campaign, scheduled for October 2022.


15.Auctions, the selected artworks will be auctioned at different events during the campaign, such as the Fangio Foundation benefit gala, already known for its great convening power on a social and commercial level.


16.The gross income generated from the auction of the original artworks will be distributed between the parties as follows: 50% of the gross selling price goes to the Fangio Museum, 40% goes to the Artist and 10% goes to Kolaborart to cover operating costs.


17.Sales remittance corresponding to Limited Editions will be provided to the Artist on monthly bases after the  receipt of payment from Buyer to Kolaborart has been finalized. Kolaborart will provide the Artist with a remittance statement for any and all sales.


18.The payment corresponding to the sale of original works will be settled to the Artist within fifteen days after the transaction. The transaction is considered finalized once the proof of payment, shipment and proof of receipt of the work by the Buyer has been obtained. Kolaborart will provide the Artist with a payment summary for each and every sale.


19.Regardless of the status of the application, registration fees are non-refundable.